For Lenovo, buying Motorola is all about boosting share in new markets


I think Lenovo just made a heck of a good deal. Or at least a better one than Google(s goog) made in 2011.

The company purchased Motorola Mobility from Google Wednesday for $2.91 billion, just 17 months after Google spent $12.5 billion for Motorola. Granted, Google gained Motorola’s rich patent portfolio in 2011 but Lenovo gets a piece of that too from today’s purchase: The China-based company gains roughly 2,000 patent assets of its own and has a cross-licensing agreement with Google for the rest.

That patent protection could come in handy as Lenovo seeks to strengthen its smartphone market share around the globe. And make no mistake: That’s what this deal is all about. Without the Motorola brand, Lenovo would have a hard time breaking into new regions.

In fact, as I listened to the Lenovo conference call after news of the deal broke, that was a recurring…

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By biyacade

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